We support service provider organizations in the digital transformation of their operations, so that they make better decisions with accurate and timely information.

Our Solutions

Kontrol ID

Replace paper forms with digital forms

Kontrol ID

Platform for your collaborators to create robust, easy-to-use productivity mobile and web solutions for projects that are needed now.
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Document management and access control of personnel to works is easy and effective to ensure that contractors permanently meet all entry requirements
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Areas of service

Surveillance and Private Security

Increase the performance of the guards by assigning them routes, tasks and specific parameters to comply with within their rounds according to the needs of the sector to be protected.

Industrial Safety and Compliance Audits

KontroliD facilitates your monitoring and control tasks by ensuring precisely who, when and where they carried out the activity.


Precision agriculture, BPA. Medical or maintenance home care Supervision of sales or marketing. Control, inspection or intervening entities. Public services. Inventory of remote assets, among others.

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