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Technological tool for the supervision and control of services provided by mobile staff for innovative companies in productivity

Cloud software platform that allows service provision companies to monitor and control external services and assets, as well as complete automation of all their forms, with its own mobile and web application with accurate and timely records even when offline to the internet in reports that keep the design of the paper notified in real time, easy to implement, integrate, visualize and scale according to your needs, in a pay-per-use model without restrictions, at the cost of photocopying.​

First Level Development

Increase the performance of the guards by assigning them routes, tasks and specific parameters to meet within their rounds according to the needs of the sector to be protected.

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KontroliD facilitates your monitoring and control tasks, ensuring precisely who, how, when and where they carried out the activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is a Software as a Service model in the internet cloud. The only investment is related to mobile devices (phones or tablets) and related hardware according to the specific use (nfc tags, fingerprint readers, etc.)

The client if desired, and receives training and quick learning resources. For quick implementations or because the client does not have the staff, we offer development plans and forms support.​

The plans are designed so that the more volume you buy, the lower the transaction cost.​

Not on prepaid or on-demand models. A contract is only signed for premium and unlimited plans or if the client needs them.

There is standard 5×10 email support (5 days x 10 hours Monday to Friday) for development and usage issues.​

The support of servers or general failures is 7×24.

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